Is black history month racist?

Interesting piece on Black History Month



“This month is a very important month, year three.” Thirty children stared back at me. I realised that I hadn’t thought about how I was going to explain this to seven year-olds.

“October is black history month.” I started. Blank faces. What does that mean?

So we’re going to be looking at history involving black people, I rehearsed in my head. Ridiculous. Scratch that. Just introduce the book.

“As part of black history month, we’re going to be reading this book, ‘Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt’. It’s about a slave called Clara who lives on a cotton plantation. Turn and talk to your partner; what does ‘slave’ mean?”  The hand of a small boy shot up. “It means when brown people are like butlers in old times.”

The small boy who had answered was mixed race – or brown, I suppose. It was then that it struck me…

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